About Xpose Surveys

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Using the best available technology, Xpose Surveys can produce accurate location and mapping of underground services, using both Electromagnetic & Ground Penetrating Radar. We are fully trained in the use of radio detection electro magnetic precise location equipment and the use of GPR and Autocad.
Industries such as Environmental, Geo-technical, Construction, Design, Civil Engineering, Industrial, Brownfield, Local Authorities, Utility Companies and Highway projects can all benefit from an up to date survey by Xpose Surveys.
Our Company

Xpose Surveys was established in 2006 by Steve & Michelle Kent. Steve started within the industry in 1988, and has evolved with the technology and experience over the years, working on a wide variety of sites. Based in East Yorkshire close to major motorway networks we are able to easily attend any site across the UK 

The services we provide can assist contractors to meet their obligations under HSG47, reduce the risk of injury to operatives, reduce damage to services. The benefits of a utility survey can help your project run smoothly & on time, which in turn reduces the overall cost of your project.