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Full Utility Mapping


Our full utility mapping service is the ideal way to locate and record services on your site. We use Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar (if required) techniques to accurately position the location and depth of underground services. All services can then be plotted on to a topographical or ordnance survey plan of the site in Auto CAD by one of our suitably qualified members of staff. All of our drawings can be sent to you in electronic format (generally .dwg or pdf) or as a hardcopy.


Any mapping project can be customised to suit your needs and we would be happy to discuss your requirements further



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Borehole Location Clearance


Full Services Mark Out

We understand that as part of any site investigation the last thing you need to worry about is disrupting active services. Our friendly and professional team at Xpose are here to take the strain away from you. Before attending site we review utility records (if provided) for the site to give us a background on the status of utilities at the site.

Then using Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar (if required) we can gain an understanding of where services are on site and can clear borehole and trial pit locations for you. We pride ourselves on having exceptional relationships with our clients and always do our very best to get your boreholes in the locations where you need them.  

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Site mark outs can be extremely useful and cost effective way of mapping underground utillities on your site. Using our specialist electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar equipment (if required) we identify the location, route and depth of underground services. Then using spray paint, chalk or stakes we can mark the presence and depth of utilities on the ground surface. This technique can be an extremely clear way to notify different employees/sub contractors of potential hazards posed by utilities on your site. 

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Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is an extremely powerful tool which uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. Our engineers are fully trained using GPR equipment and interpreting the data. GPR's can be used to provide more certainty in our findings and are extremely useful when looking for larger subsurface features such as; Tanks, Cellars, Tunnels, foundations, Voids and more

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Drainage & CCTV Surveys


A drainage survey can be extremely useful when you want to know the condition or location of sewers at your site. We use an array of techniques and technologies to undertake our drainage surveys  and can even include Manhole Survey Cards, CCTV Surveys and Man Entry if required.


We can accurately plot the location of all existing sewers onto Topographical or Ordnance survey plans using Auto CAD if required.

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Universities and 


Utility Desk Studies


Utility desk studies are a cost effective and quick way to understand the utilities that underlie your site. As part of the desk study we access available records from utillity providers and build a picture of underground utilities. Our findings can be reported in a desk top pack format including dvd/cd of data or emailed as pdf versions at more affordable cost.


Most of our clients choose to commission a desk study prior to a utility survey and not instead of a utility survey. From our experiences utility maps can often be inaccurate and a full utility survey by Xpose can give you confidence in the location of services at your site.

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Topographical Surveys


We can meet all of your topographical and building survey needs. Surveys typically include;


  • Open Green Field Surveys

  • Industrial & Commercial Sites

  • Residential Surveys

  • As-built surveys

  • Road & Highway Surveys

  • GPS Control

  • Levels for Flood Risk Assessments using GPS

  • Volume calculations

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Visualisation Impact and photo montage control

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* some of our services are provided through our approved third party contractors

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